Launch Day!

The time is finally there. My passion project has reached adulthood!

I began working on Minimals almost three years ago. The original idea was actually something completely different than what you see toady. The first ideas evolved around 3D Animals, morphing from lowpoly to highly detailed sculpts. The concept I had in mind stayed the same eventhough: symbolise the animal with the least amount of lines possible. With that concept in mind I moved further and further towards the abstract models you can see today.

I have learned a ton by building Minimals. One of the learnings would sound as follows: Even though partners say they want the same goal, it does’t necessarely mean it. If co-working costs more of your precious time through misunderstandings and goal-definition discrepancies you are better of alone. I have learned it the long way so you don’t have to ;). Don’t be shy to take on tasks alone.

So whats next?

Good Question. I am still in love with the design process i have built so carefully for Minimals. Therefore not publishing new Minimals would be a shame. I’m planning on releasing a new pendant every 2-3 Month. There are currently three animals on the request list: eagle, rhino and an owl. As I have named the first collection “endangered” it might not be the right way to add them there though (except the Rhino).

Anything else planned for Minimals?

Yes, a new collection. This collection won’t include animals though. I’ll let you know once I leave the planning phase through Instagram.

Stay tuned for more! See you soon,
Fynn & Minimals

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