Reasons to meditate – Why meditation is a worthy investment in your physical, mental, and emotional health

When you meditate you should be aware of why you are doing it in the first place. Surely there are enough reasons in your life why it is worth meditating. This article is meant to inspire you a little bit and explain why it is so important to be aware of the reasons for your meditation and to make yourself aware of them again and again.

Seven inspirational reasons to meditate

1. Something has happened and you are not sure how to handle it

Perhaps there was an incident at work or a discussion with friends or family. Confronted situations like these will accompany you again and again in your life. Besides the direct reaction during the situation, however, profound topics often lead to reflection afterward. Did I react correctly? Why didn’t I think of this argument faster? How can I be more convincing next time?

During the day there is often too little time to work through these profound issues. You probably spend some time thinking about it and are even distracted – but you don’t really reflect on it. This is where meditation can help. For example, you can sit down to meditate right after the event and give your brain a chance to think about everything that has happened. You will see: it will just bubble out of you. Then slowly try to sort out your thoughts and analyze why you reacted the way you did. Was it your counterpart who provoked you? Has the topic come up more than once? And how can you perhaps prevent a similar situation from happening again? Even if you don’t come to a conclusion, you will see that you are much less distracted than before. 

However, if you don’t have the time right after such a situation, it is still useful to remember what happened and pick it up in the next meditation session. Such topics are excellent reasons for meditation.

2. You want to improve your relationships

Relationships are hard. No matter if it’s a love relationship with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Or a friendly relationship with colleagues or former school friends. They require active work to keep them alive.

Meditation can help you take your relationships to the next level. One of the most common causes of disputes is ignorance by the partner. It often happens that you are so busy with your issues and problems that you don’t even notice the issues of the other person and therefore can’t understand or comprehend them. The partner then feels left alone in the worst case and goes to other people to talk about the issues. So both people may live further and further apart and it often comes to conflict and even to the breaking of the relationship. Meditation can be used here as a tool to help. Many people are really only interested in being understood. Put yourself next time during your meditation in your counterpart and think about what feelings he or she is struggling with. In the next step, you can simply comment on it during a conversation: „This must feel like this for you, right? Your counterpart will directly feel more noticed and understood, and in the best case, it will stimulate a discussion that will benefit both of you.

3. Somebody is suffering or dying and you are trying to cope with it

As life would have it, it happens from time to time that people are in a very bad place. Maybe someone in your circle of acquaintances or relatives has died and you feel sad. Experiments have shown that active mourning can sometimes go faster and you can cope with difficult phases much better. If you give your body time during meditation to think about what happened, you allow your brain a much more active phase of processing. You will certainly have a lot of thoughts and memories – but that is exactly the way it should be. By working through the past, your future self has room for new experiences. You can also remember memories during meditation and then discuss them with friends or family. In this way, you help not only yourself but also your fellow human beings to better process the subject matter.

4. You feel anger about a situation in your life

You probably know it. Once again, something has really driven you up the wall. You would love to freak out and maybe even want to break something. Anger is one of the most difficult emotions to control. It is therefore advisable to deal with it so that you are prepared for such a situation. I have a special technique for dealing with such situations. Before I react to something or someone I try to take three deep breaths in and out. If I still feel like commenting or can’t take something, I say it freely. This short time allows my brain to maintain its composure and decide on the best course of action. Short-circuit reactions are the most common cause of escalating disputes, even though you often don’t mean what you are saying at that moment. The few seconds help me to collect myself and to decide whether I should let my anger run free. You might have guessed it: since I got into the habit of this breathing technique, I am a much more balanced person.

5. You want to be more focussed

A good reason and actually the most common reason I meditate is to be more focused and generally more mindful. These are qualities that help you in many areas of life. On days when you are well-rested and can focus well you may not notice it right away. But if you are a bit tired or irritated, the practice of mindfulness is worth its weight in gold. It gives you the ability to find your way back to the task at hand in situations of distraction. Focus is a rare high art in the professional world. It separates the good from the best. In my experience, I have a much higher sense of productivity at the end of the day when I know that I have accomplished a lot through mindful and focused work.

6. It feels like your life is passing you

This is a similar point to the previous one but from a different perspective. For this reason, I would like to include it separately in the list of good reasons to meditate.

You can sometimes feel that life is flying by. This often comes from falling into the rut of life. We always do the same thing and hardly have any variety. The brain then switches into a kind of automatic mode and at the end of the day, we have the feeling of not having been there properly, let alone even knowing what happened that day. By the way, this is exactly the reason why I started mediation. I want to actively create memories for myself and have the opportunity to report new events every day. For me, there is no worse feeling at the end of the day to have done something meaningless, which does not help me and has not created any new value for me or others. Meditation helps me to remember what is important to me and keeps me from distractions or a „living in front of myself“.

7. You want to take time to think about fundamental questions

Another very good reason to meditate are macro goals in your life. A macro goal could be, for example: To start a family. Or build a house or achieve a coveted position in your company. Or even start your own company.

Macro goals are often far away but require continuous effort. For example, to build a house you need to have an idea of what it should look like. You need to know if you will have to support a family or if you can afford it at all. To successfully reach your macro goals, it is necessary to think about how to get there. As they say so often: The journey is the destination. Meditation and the time you give your brain to deal with such details can help you prepare for this journey. Often certain aspects only come to mind when you actively think about them and play mind games. Try this in your next meditation: choose one of your macro goals as the theme of the meditation and just go with it. What are the questions you ask yourself? Is there anything you can do today to help yourself get closer to this goal? After all, it is the daily 1% that will eventually help you reach your goal. 


This list is far from complete and is only meant to give you ideas for reasons to meditate. The important thing is that you choose one topic per session and give yourself to it. It makes no sense to work on five topics at the same time. Even if many think and want it: Multitasking is a proven myth. So try to decide for one reason and align your meditation with it.

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