The best meditation and mindfulness apps in 2021

– Top 3 Meditation Apps on the App Store –

Meditation is a practice of mindfulness and can have profound effects on one’s mental and physical health, well-being, and overall outlook on life. It’s a powerful tool to have in your toolbox, but it takes time and practice to become comfortable with it.


Thanks to technology and some smart individuals at the helm, there are now apps to teach and guide you along your mindfulness journey.


In this article we’ll be discussing the benefits of meditation and why you should begin. Additionally, we’ll be reviewing the top three meditation and mindfulness apps of 2021!


Let’s dive right into it.


The Benefits of Meditation & Why You Should Start


While the world in many ways has become the most advanced it’s ever been, unfortunately when it comes to health and wellness, many are suffering more than ever. It can be argued that a large part of this is due to a lack of self-awareness, understanding, and inner peace. 


Meditation has been studied and showed through research to not only mitigate the effects of stress and anxiety but fully eliminate and reverse them. In fact, from the most trusted source in that of Harvard, a study out of the school showed that those that meditate for a short 20 minute a day noticed significant results when it came to mood, immunity, symptoms of stress, and even inner strength. 


In today’s world of technology and advancement, social media and comparison, political unrest, and pandemic-sized health wars, it’s more important than ever to meditate and practice mindfulness. Not only can a small amount of practice be beneficial to one’s mental health, but it can have major benefits to one’s physical health as well!


Below are the top three meditation and mindfulness apps that you can use to begin your journey, or continue it with vengeance. Take care of yourself, and make it a little easier by using the apps below!


Waking Up


Waking up - one of the best meditation and mindfulness apps in 2021!

This long-awaited meditation education app was finally launched in 2018, after years of anticipation surrounding the release of the book entitled ‘Waking Up’. This app was founded by the famous author, neuroscientist, and philosopher Sam Harris, so if you’re wondering why this app is so good, that’s why.


The app at face value is quite minimalistic, straightforward, and easy to use, which I think is why so many choose it over its competitors. After all, who wants a complicated tool before sitting down to meditate?! Sam Harris hit the nail on the head with its functionality and intuitiveness.


Second, its design is very inviting and welcoming; something that is missing in other meditation apps. 


Lastly, Waking Up does what it does best and that’s offering one and one thing only: daily meditation practices. Too often, I see other mindfulness apps trying to do everything, offer everything, and provide their users with any and every option one could think of. While this sounds like a smart approach at the first glance, those that choose to download a meditation app simply want to hit a button and begin the session, without roadblocks and obligations to choose. 


Again, Waking Up hit the nail on the head with its simplicity and straightforwardness. No choices, no headaches, no time wasted – simply open the app and begin your meditation.


Cost: FREE download, $14.99/month or $99.99/year subscription for premium.





Headspace - one of the best meditation and mindfulness apps in 2021!This meditation and mindfulness app that was created in 2010 has grossed hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue since its inception, with millions of subscribers worldwide, and growing year-over-year. 


Headspace was founded by a formally trained Buddhist monk, Andy Puddicombe, along with his business partner and CEO, Richard Pierson. Because of his rich past in mindfulness and meditation, and after years of Buddhist expedition, Andy decided to return home to establish the practice he called “Headspace”.


From a small events company to an app used globally by millions, Headspace is now arguably the number one meditation app on the planet!


With functionality so easy, and an interface so aesthetic, this mindfulness and meditation app encompasses all that one would desire whether a beginner or expert in the field. Headspace is offered both on iOS and Android and offers a subscription-based business model that saves its users money in the long run. To boot, it’s a FREE app on the App Store for those that are wondering.


Track your progress, invite your friends along in the journey, and receive daily reminders to embark on your meditative practice. Headspace is an incredible free mindfulness and meditation app for those at the beginning of their spiritual journey. Commit to a subscription or sign up for a free trial. With headspace, you go at your own pace. 


Fun fact: A cool feature that Headspace has recently introduced is that they offer meditative sessions taught by celebrities and Olympians alike. Pretty cool if you ask me!


Cost: FREE trial, or upgrade to $12.99/month or $95/year.





Calm is among the highest-rated meditation apps on the App Store today, and for good reason. For starters, in today’s day and age with technology and interactive communities, Calm offers an Apple Health Integration to track progress and share with friends your daily meditation statistics. This tool, though unnecessary, offers grand value in the world of social media, technology, and community building.

Calm - one of the best meditation and mindfulness apps in 2021!


While every meditative app alike offers meditative practices and mindfulness sessions for the user, calm has done a great job at differentiating its experience by offering an atmosphere and experience of inner peace and relaxation in the way that it presents its in-app experience. With all the hustle and bustle the outside environment has to offer in today’s fast-paced world, Calm has the unique ability at capturing those seeking an outlet of escape. 


Calm is an award-winning meditation and mindfulness app since its inception in 2012 and has been downloaded hundreds of millions of times. To boot, it holds almost a million reviews on the app store!


Much like all of the top meditation apps, Calm has an easy-to-use interface that can be enjoyed by beginners and experts alike. The key differentiator here? Calm offers masterclasses taught by globally renowned experts in the fields of wellness and mindfulness, among other related fields.


So, whether it’s the celebrity and expert opinion that vouches for the app, the ease-of-use, or the peaceful atmosphere it provides its users, Calm delivers on all fronts. You certainly won’t be disappointed.


Cost: FREE to download, subscribe for $14.99/month or $69.99/year


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